Dhar·ma /ˈdärmə/ noun – A cosmic law underlying right behavior and social order.

The Dictionary

Team Dharma is a unique community because of our shared values and expectations for teamwork. Please take a moment to read through the content below. Our philosophy and values may not be a match for every player. If this concept resonates with you, then we hope to see you in the fray!


The Vision:

Make esports accessible for all people by creating a healthy environment where people can learn, progress and compete within a culture that values teamwork and integrity.

The Mission:

Build an active community of like-minded gamers large enough to field one or more teams to actively compete in eSports tournaments. 

The Opportunity:

Anyone wanting to try a new game without an existing community of friends has to play with whomever they’re matched-up with in a game. That can lead to the types of experiences described above, which act as major barrier of entry for many players. Therein lies the opportunity. What if you didn’t have to play with people who call you racial slurs and tell you to kill yourself? What if were possible to learn, play and compete online among people whose shared values fostered a culture built around teamwork? There are many examples in the physical world where people come together to work and play and manage to do so without engaging in the lowest forms of human behavior. This experiment will prove that it’s possible to achieve this balance in the virtual world of online gaming as well.

The Plan:

We will realize our vision for Dharma eSports by evolving the community through approximately four phases of development:

  • Phase Zero – Start-up – We completed this phase in early 2022 

  • Phase One – Development – Interest checks and community building – We are here today

  • Phase Two – Building / Norming – Begin forming grassroots teams & facilitating group content

  • Phase Three – Compete – Begin competing in amateur / open events. 

If this looks like a hacky corporate business plan, that’s because it was written by someone who’s produced many hacky business plans in their day. (more on that here) What matters is that it is a plan, which is a start and that’s all we need to start building

Shared Values

These principles provide a structure for our community and they define the spirt of our culture. Our shared commitment to these standards makes it possible for a large, diverse group of people to sustain a positive environment. In D&D terms, our alignment would be Chaotic Good.

  • Teamwork – We are here because we want to be part of a community. We count on each other and we support each other above all else.
  • Respect – We are kind, polite and fair to one another.
  • Integrity – We are honest and truthful at all times without exception.
  • Adventure – We live for the quest.

Membership Expectations

We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, genders and lifestyles in our community. Please read the rules and expectations carefully:

  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Read & agree to all rules, guidelines and requirements
  • Be at least 18 years or older. (limited exceptions for families)
  • Join our Discord server & read important info as needed. (necessary for admin)
  • Be able to send & receive written messages via Discord, in-game chat and other mediums. (Let us know if you need Accessibility assistance.)
  • Always behave in a way that is respectful, considerate and courteous to all other people.
  • Racism, homophobia, misogyny, conspiracy mongering, blabbering about George Soros or any alt-right-non-sense is/are not welcome in our community.
  • Political, religious and social justice/issue discussions are not permitted anywhere in our community. )This includes passive aggressive shit, so don’t get cute.)
  • Do not post, share, trade, exchange (get the point?) any porn of any kind
  • Do not post, share, trade, exchange (get the point?) content that will get us in trouble with law enforcement. For clarity, anything illegal anywhere in the known universe is forbidden here as well.
  • Do not harass, creep-on or bother other people. This is not a dating service or a place to find your future mate. People play video games to relax and have fun, not fend off unwanted advances. Go somewhere IRL to find love please.

In-Game Code of Conduct

Our Shared Values and our In-Game Code of Conduct are the two ingredients that differentiate Team Dharma from other gaming communities. Our members share these common sense expectations that are based on our values. Please read the code of conduct carefully:

  • Adjust Your Expectations Accordingly – We are a community of amateur video game nerds. Creating an environment that is accessible for everyone will always be more important than wins or losses. This is a cornerstone of our culture.
  • Assume positive intent – Trust people to make good decisions and play their positions.
  • Play Your Position – Have a working knowledge of the game you’re playing and do your best be ready to play. If you have no idea what you’re doing but you really want to play a game, then we want you on Team Dharma! Just please make sure to tell someone so we can help you get acclimated! 🙂
  • Positive feedback only – People don’t play video games to experience amateur performance management as dispensed by friends on the Internet. Keep your comments to yourself unless you have something positive to say. No exceptions. This includes passive aggressive commentary and ‘damning with faint praise.’
  • Don’t be a jerk – All general membership expectations apply in-game as well.
  • No “griefing” – This includes anything explicitly in-violation of a game’s End User License Agreement (EULA), AND general assholery. (This DOES NOT include sniping people from the rooftops of Los Santos in GTA Online. Carry on with that shit please)
  • No in-game/out-of-game exploits, botting or real money trading – Not here please, not with us please.