College Roomate

Couch Co-op

Who the fuck do I have to bukake around here to get a salad?!

The quote above belongs to my roommate from college and one of my best friends. For this short missive we’ll call him Dub to protect his legacy. He died a little over a year ago. Don’t Google ‘bukake’ and instead just trust me that it’s offensive. When Dub uttered the words above, he wanted to make a scene and he wanted to make me laugh. I loved that about him and I never minded the risk that came with his sense of humor.

The featured image for this post is Dub, his wife and my son at a minor league baseball game. The picture here in the article is of the two of us with our wives on New Years Eve 2001. When he wasn’t getting us kicked out of restaurants, Dub was an incredible video game player. We spent thousands of hours together on the couch playing NHL ’94, Madden and most importantly Road Rash. The Sega Genesis I brought with me to college carried us through many FIFA tournaments. Dub & the Dude

Dub was my last couch bro before I picked up my couch family & kids. He was much more than that of course, but I can’t think about Sega or Madden without thinking about him. John Madden passed away this week, so that’s why this is on my mind. I miss listening to Dub ad lib Madden and Summerall lines between plays while he beat me yet again. I’m glad I had the chance to log that time on the couch with Dub.