Click on the Join option in the main website navigation menu, read the content on that page carefully and follow the instructions. Check out the FAQs page (you’re there!) for commonly asked questions and drop us a line if you need additional help.
All members are required to register on the Dharma eSports website (administrative stuff) and Discord server. The vast majority of our interaction and the “fun stuff” happens on Discord. Download the app and give it a shot. Please see the membership page for all application requirements. You can get by playing most online games with text chat and in-game communications tools. That said, members are strongly encouraged to use a microphone and video camera. Built-in cameras and microphones are more than suitable. Don’t like the look of your own face or surroundings? Let’s see and hear you anyway. Have you seen the Internet? It’s a dog show out there, you’ll be fine.
In our first phase we will compete in League of Legends (LoL) tournaments accessible to teams at our play-level. In addition to eSports, Dharma offers a community of non-lunatics who can be found many different video and RL games.
Not in our current phase however we continue to consider adding new titles if there’s sufficient interest. Outside of competitive play, Dharma nerds can be found playing a wide range of video and traditional games. We also encourage community members to start grassroots groups, so come help us get something started in your favorite game!
There are no family friendly specific requirements. We have rules for conduct, which you should read, and common sense Not Safe for Work Rules (NSFW) apply to any community forum or in-game communications.
No prior experience is necessary to be a part of our community, participate in events or compete as a member of our teams.
All members must be at least 18 years old to join Dharma eSports. Showing teenage gamers that it is possible to behave reasonably online furthers our mission and for that reason limited exceptions may be granted to members who want to slay pixel monsters with their little monsters. Beyond that, there are very few “NSFW” requirements in our community, so please know this is not a place for children.
No, and to be perfectly clear, Lost is property of ABC Television. Our community is inspired by some of the themes of the show. “Live Together, Die Alone” is really efficient way of describing the importance of togetherness. We use those words as our motto and dharma as our philosophy. We’re not first and we won’t be the last. Google-fu on “dharma” to learn more!
No. We currently have no sources of revenue and generating revenue does not align with our mission or vision. That said, if it’s possible to legally & ethically monetize any aspect of this, then I will do it in a heartbeat.

Team Dharma is privately funded by The Dude of IB.