Dude Farms

Farm ‘Fam Needed!

Paging all sim fans and Internet farmers! We recently rented a Farming Simulator ’22 server with 8 slots. We’re in need of farmers to populate a persistent universe we’ll use to chill and practice for competitive play. A copy of Farming Simulator ’22 is needed and the game is well worth the cost. (currently $49.99 on Steam) I was told to skip the annual pass for now. Your mileage may vary.Farming Simulator League

The game is beautiful and the level of detail is amazing. Even if you have zero interest in farming IRL, this game is still fascinating. It’s a virtual model train set that scratches the itch to get lost in a universe of your creation. Sim regulars know how immersive these games can be (who knew this existed?!) and the modding community helps take that even further. Team Dharma is registered in the Farming Simulator League and we’re looking forward to organized competition. If any of this intrigues you then consider joining Team Dharma down on the farm!