Overwatch Players & Dreamers Wanted!

Dream about being a professional esports player but will settle for a t-shirt?

Join Our Team!

Team Dharma is looking for Overwatch players (past, present or future) who are interested in being a part of our unique esports community.

We’re creating a place to compete in esports that prioritizes shared values over wins and losses.

After many months of research and thousands of hours of gameplay, Team Dharma has landed on Overwatch as our primary team-based esports game. We’re moving into the next phase of developing our community and we’ll build our competitive team(s) around this title. To get the ball rolling, I’m putting out this APB to current & future Overwatch players of all skill levels! Our current goal is to build toward competing in a league or leagues that offer us the best overall community experience. We want to offer a path for people who aspire to compete and be a part of a community that shares their interests and values.

If this sounds like your bag, then please:

Why Overwatch?

We chose Overwatch because it’s well-established, well-supported and has a robust competitive structure. Gameplay, average match time and accessibility were also deciding factors.

How Do I Know I’m Team Dharma Material?

If you answer “Yes” to one or more of the following questions, you’re Team Dharma material:

  • Play multiplayer video games for the enjoyment of community with other human beings
  • Believe that being kind is more important than being right
  • Have charged something to the Underhill’s tab
  • Can say nothing at all when you don’t have anything nice to say
  • Believe in Bigfoot
  • Still prefer to use a mouse over a track pad or that little eraser thing
  • Like stats, leagues and bad team names
  • Dream about being a professional esports player but will settle for a t-shirt
  • Own at least one thing that has deliberately been kept New In Box (NIB).
  • Know who shot Mr. Burns
What’s Next?

With this post dropping we officially begin our team recruiting efforts. As soon as we have a quorum and we can begin playing together. That will enable us to get a sense of experience, play styles and preferred times of day to play etc.

  • Interested in participating in team-based esports competition on a weekly or recurring basis
  • Commitment to Team Dharma Shared Values
  • Willingness to learn and help others learn
  • Willingness to play any role or hero
  • Understanding that a healthy & safe environment is more important than in-game statistics
  • PC copy of Overwatch (possible expansion to console in the future)

Overwatch is the first game we’re officially building a team around however it’s our intention to expand our scope.┬áIf you have additional questions or just want to kick the tires, then the best place to go is our Discord server. You can also contact us directly if you have questions or other inquiries. Otherwise, find us in-game and let’s change esports.

the Dude of IB's First 5-Player Kill Streak