Fortnite Battle Royale Victory

Starting to Come Together

I’ve largely avoided co-op FPS games and skipped the Battle Royale craze entirely. My fourteen-year-old son Wyatt on the other hand has had a long and tumultuous relationship with several titles in the later category, most notably Fortnite. If you can believe it, I’ve avoided playing Fortnite for years and have come up with every excuse under the son not to play. If you told fourteen-year-old me that I would have had to duck my kid to play video games, I would have laughed in your face.

Today we eclipsed a milestone as I tore myself away from Farming Simulator ’22 long enough to play Fortnite with my son… and we notched a victory in our first match! I’m glad I finally broke down to play and I really do like the aesthetic of the game. Team Dharma is a community and we go where the people are communing. Perhaps you’ll see more Fortnite in the Dude’s future.

Speaking of community, my other offspring (fifteen-year-old Abby) has offered to take on a paid internship with Team Dharma and IB Plant Lady’s latest project. She’s agreed to be the Social Media Manager for Dharma eSports & Old Grey Mare Media. It dawned on me after I found myself waking her up the other night to ask a question about TikTok that perhaps I should do what I would so in my professional life: surround myself with really awesome people, watch them do amazing things and learn. I have a need and my fifteen-year-old daughter has a natural ability to connect with people. It’s a strategic partnership made in hashtag heaven. And now I have a reason to explore the functionality of Adobe Premier Rush!

This was a big weekend for wins and milestones. Starting a community from scratch is not easy but I’m feeling really confident with the team I’m putting on the field.

Newman from Seinfeld as a hint

P.S. We have another staff announcement for Team Dharma coming soon! (week of December 13th!) We are adding a Head MC who will be the voice of Team Dharma. I can’t say who that will be but I will give you a hint. (deep pull for people up on their Team Dharma lore)