The Story

Live Together, Die Alone

I started Dharma eSports because I am fascinated by the power of people when they work together towards a common goal. In real life, I am an organizational change management leader in the financial services industry. (try finding a Twitch channel for that) In that capacity I have spent most of my life building and leading diverse teams of people all over the US and for really big companies. Financial services has nothing to do with eSports (often a complaint of mine), however the experience has offered me the opportunity to learn how people work effectively together. What I have learned is that anything is possible with the right people and that’s why I started this community. Let me back up a bit to break it down.

You meet the most amazing people online

Video games and technology have been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. Over 45 years I’ve logged tens of thousands of hours playing games on every platform and across all genres. In recent years I’ve watched from the sidelines as the popularity of eSports has exploded. The prevailing wisdom is the games have never been better, however the people in the communities around the game are absolutely insufferable. It’s common knowledge people behave like assholes online. What I’ve never understood is why subject yourself to an environment where people are so terrible for fun? Imagine being matched up with strangers at a public golf course who tell you to kill yourself on the 1st hole. After a fair amount of searching I was unable to find any prominent community for people who want to play video games without experiencing a hate crime. I found a few examples of “mature” gaming communities, however building a community around being over a certain age seemed a bit too one dimensional. I was looking for a community whose members were bound by a shared commitment to basic values. After not finding a match I finally decided to make my own luck.

Driving with sunglasses at night in GTA Online

Dharma eSports is an experiment that I hope will prove it’s possible to create online communities that aren’t toxic cesspools. I believe this is worthy endeavor because I’m a sucker for an amazing team. Our slogan is Live Together, Die Alone because those four words embody the aspiration of Dharma eSports.

About the Dude

I am an incredibly fortunate husband, father & beach bum living with my family in Southern California. I have been married for over 20 years to my amazing wife and together we have two great kids. My family is important however my pets are secretly my most favorite companions around Dharma eSports HQ. In addition to League of Legends (LoL), you will find me playing numerous multiplayer and single player games. I would describe myself as a recovering MMO-junkie with a passion for simulation and strategy games as well. System Shock 2 was my favorite game all-time before I played GTA V. For my money, there is no greater video game story or cast of characters ever created. This is hardly a hot take because of how well the game has done since it was released in 2013. Of course what makes GTA V truly great is the GTA Online universe that accompanies the story & base game. So many hours I’ve spent binge watching TV shows with my wife while sitting safely tucked somewhere in a Vinewood sniper nest. You really have to experience GTA Online if you have not already.

Outside of cyberspace you can find me surfing, running and pursuing various nerdy hobbies. I’m a bit of a homebody, but when I do go out it’s on a Suzuki GSX-R 250. I love engaging with people, so please drop me a line. Our social media details are below and you’ll find me at the helm sharing wisdom.